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Over the course of the past several years, our political and educational leadership in Albany has lobbied aggressively for more stringent requirements in the areas of school safety and student behavior. The result of their efforts has been the passage of legislation called Project SAVE (Safe Schools Against Violence in Education). One critical aspect of this comprehensive legislation is the requirement that public schools review, revise and adopt a code of conduct each year that incorporates specific steps for addressing violent and/or disruptive behavior. In addition to these requirements, revised codes of conduct have also offered all schools the opportunity to reflect on those aspects of student life that are imperative in ensuring an educational environment that is conducive to learning for all students. The code of conduct for Valhalla students and residents exists as a separate publication. All families with school-age children have been sent this publication through the mail. All other interested parties may obtain a copy of this document at any building or through the Office of the Superintendent.

The Code of Conduct for students, staff, parents and community members at large can be reviewed by downloading the document below.