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Student Services
For purposes of grading, the Valhalla school year is divided into four marking periods at all grade levels. At the K-5 level, two formal parent conferences are held during the year to review progress. Students in grades 6-12 receive a diagnostic report at the midpoint of each marking period. In addition, parent conferences will be scheduled following the second marking period for all students in grade 6, and for 7-12 students who are failing or performing substantially below their potential. Parents should never hesitate to contact a Teacher, Guidance Counselor or Principal if concerns arise about the academic well being of their child.

The elementary (K-5) marking system is differentiated by grade level in order to allow for the inclusion of both developmentally and academically appropriate information. Feel free to contact your child’s classroom teacher or the building principal to learn more about Valhalla’s marking system at the elementary level.

The marking system at the Middle/High School grades is numerical only, with marks ranging from 100 to 50. The minimum passing mark at the high school level is 65.