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Department of Technology

The Valhalla Union Free School District is dedicated to educating students to develop desired moral, ethical and cultural values, to stimulate and expand continual learning, and to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of citizens of a democratic society.

All Valhalla UFSD students will have access to state-of-the-art learning technologies and educational experiences facilitated by highly effective and trained professionals, premier academic programs and robust networks that deliver equity and access of technologies and communication systems. Learning technologies will be seamlessly integrated into teaching and learning to transform student learning and increase student achievement. Multiple environments will exist for teaching and learning, unbound by place, time, income, language or disability.

Goals that guide instructional technology:

Goal 1: Provide sustained, differentiated, relevant, ongoing professional development opportunities to promote faculty and staff proficiency, especially with instructional technologies integration and innovation.

Goal 2: Enhance and support culturally and linguistically responsive, authentic, learner-driven activities and environments transformed for digital-age learners that recognize and accommodate learner variability.

Goal 3: Create and sustain safe and secure schools and campuses with robust communication systems, infrastructure and components, containing redundancies, are collaborative with community first responders, and provide for regular maintenance and expansion as identified through audits, inspection and expert consultation.

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Kimiecik,
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

Secretary: Debbie Garbus
914-683-5030 ex. 2506

For the latest from Ms. Kimiecik, follow her on Twitter: @EKimiecik​​​​​​​