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VMHS October 2019 Artists of the Month

VMHS Announces October’s Artists of the Month

Congratulations to Valhalla Middle School’s Sofia Natale and Valhalla High School’s Christian Paucar for being recognized as VMHS’ Artists of the Month for October.

Two artistically inclined Vikings were applauded for their work as they were named Valhalla Middle/High School’s October Artists of the Month – the first of the 2019-20 academic year.

Valhalla Middle/High School art teachers Lisa Green, Holly Lovegrove and Ivana Saric selected 6th-grader Sofia Natale and 11th-grader Christian Paucar as October’s Artists of the Month. Sofia and Christian were selected for their work and improvement over the past month.

Sofia’s artist statement:

“I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. When I was in preschool, I would draw things and tape them to the fridge. Whenever I ran out of paper, I would get really frustrated. When I’m bored in school, I draw random lines and connect them to each other. Then, I would draw shapes inside of the lines and when I ran out of room, I would draw lines and shapes outside of it and continue. I also doodle braids too. I like to look up tutorials on how to draw certain things on YouTube or check out books at the library. I usually look up how to draw chibi, anime, anime eyes, hair, realistic stuff, characters, etc. During lunch, I like to bring my sketchbook and draw. I also like to do digital art. I like to edit my screenshots or images on there. I sometimes start drawing from scratch, but it’s personally harder for me.”

Christian’s artist statement:

“I like to sketch people and environments. I started to sketch only a year ago and it really helps me relax and think clearly. I started because of comics and the diversity in styles and colors that artists used when making them. I try to emulate what they do and with each piece I do the easier it gets to do so.”

Congratulations to both of our Artists of the Month!